July 2018 News & Incentives

July is finally upon us, it has been toasty outside and even hotter at Tom Wood Lexus!

June was an incredible month for Tom Wood Lexus as we SMASHED our sales goal by delivering 85 NEW cars! We set an all time record for Certified deliveries at 51 (75 total pre-owned). We are officially fully embarked in our “busy season” as traffic at the dealership and online has been CRAZY!

The Lexus LC500 has been named the 2018 Auto Express Coupe of the year. This is no surprise to the folks that have driven this amazing machine. If you have not seen or driven one yet, come see me!

This month we are going to be focusing on our Lexus ES & RX inventory as we have crazy incentives on both of our most popular models. $2,500 on the RX and $4,750 on the ES is astronomical!! See below for details.

The Lexus UX subcompact crossover is still tracking to arrive at the dealership around November. I found a really cool walk around video from Redline discussing the exterior and interior. The Lexus UX looks amazing!!  This smaller crossover is going to be a huge success for us! It will most definitely bring an all-new crowd to Lexus!

Check out this Lexus Enthusiast UX Photo Gallery

The 2019 Lexus ES is set for a redesign! Lexus officially debuted this BEAUTIFUL 7th generation ES on April 25th. It is slated to hit dealerships around Labor day. This sedan is absolutely stunning and basically looks like a smaller LS500. The horsepower will now be in the 300’s and the overall width and length of the vehicle has been extended by 2 inches. An FSport model will be offered too!

Check out this 2019 Lexus ES Lexus Enthusiast overview

Check out this 2019 ES Lexus Enthusiast Video w/ new colors!

Now is a FABULOUS time to snag a 2018 while enjoying Finance cash, Lease cash, or 0% APR!

Rates are increasing! Our average rates are at 4.25%. Check out this recent article from Go Banking Rates

I have placed the July incentives from Lexus below! If you need assistance or have any questions just let me know, and I will be happy to assist!

1. Sedan’s

a. 2018 ES350/300h – $4,750 Lease Cash / $4,000 Finance Cash or 0% APR for 72 months

b. 2018 IS300/350 – $4,650 Lease Cash / $3,000 Finance Cash or 0% APR for 72 months

c. 2018 GS350 – $4,000 Lease Cash / $3,000 Finance Cash

d. 2018 GS F – $5,000 Finance Cash

e. 2018 LS460 – N/A

2. SUV’s

a. 2018 NX300/300h – $1,500 Lease Cash / $2,500 Finance Cash

b. 2018 RX350 – $2,500 Lease Cash / $1,500 Finance Cash

c. 2018 RX450H – $1,500 Lease Cash / $1,500 Finance Cash

d. 2018 RX350L – $1,500 Lease Cash / $1,000 Finance Cash

e. 2018 RX450HL – $1,500 Lease Cash / $1,000 Finance Cash

f. 2018 GX460 – $4,000 Finance Cash

g. 2018 LX570 – $5,000 Finance Cash

3. Coupe’s

a. 2018 RC300/350 – $3,000 Lease Cash / $2,000 Finance Cash

b. 2018 RC F – $5,000 Finance Cash

c. 2018 LC500/500h – $4,000 Lease Cash



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