2019 Lexus UX – Talking Points

Lexus debuted an all-new SUV set to arrive at a dealership near you around November 2018. The smallest SUV made by Lexus is set to cannonball itself into the exploding entry-level SUV market and compete with the Mercedes GLA, Audi Q3 and BMW X1.

What do we need to know about the UX? Let’s check it out!


The Lexus UX debuts a brand new platform called the Global Architecture-C (GA-C). However, it is something that most folks are familiar with. A very similar platform from our parent company – Toyota named TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) underpins the Prius, CH-R and the upcoming Corolla.

The Lexus version is slightly improved as it is more rigid and offers a lower center of gravity that aids drivability thanks to its weight-saving measures in the body construction.



At the front, Lexus’ trademark arrowhead-shaped daytime running lights are placed above the headlights while the spindle grille has a new block-shaped pattern (other cars from Lexus are offered with slats) with a three-dimensional look for the regular model and a mesh pattern for the F-Sport model. Both 17 & 18 inch tires will be available depending on which model you seek.

Carshighlight_com - Lexus UX 2018 Review, Rear

At the rear, it retained the connected tail lamp setup shown on the concept. Lexus says that this arrangement is made up of 120 LEDs. Should folks expect this design in future Lexus SUVs, including its flagship coupe-crossover concept, the LF-1?



The UX’s interior has a typical Lexus feel to it. The UX continues to offer ‘seat-in-control’ approach that Lexus has been following with its latest offerings. Very noticeable if you have sat in the Lexus NX or the F-Sport RX. It imparts a cockpit feeling while in the driver’s seat and has every function within your reach.


The instrument cluster is inspired from Lexus’ all-new redesigned flagship sedan, the LS, and so does the analogue clock, which is placed alongside the infotainment system. As is the case with Lexus’ F-Sport models, the UX F-Sport offers a sportier cabin with exclusive upholstery options.


It is powered by a new 2.0-litre engine with high thermal efficiency from Toyota’s latest Dynamic Force Engine family. It also features Toyota’s latest Direct-shift CVT transmission that uses regular gears in conjunction with the pulley-based system of a CVT to reduce the rubber band effect associated with CVTs. The new Direct-shift CVT transmission will be available with the regular version of the SUV, the UX 200.

Stay tuned as more information is released!


March 2018 News & Incentives

March is here! Warmer weather is upon us. This month is going to be spectacular for Lexus. We have officially kicked off our COMMAND PERFORMANCE SALES EVENT that runs through April 2nd

The 2018 Lexus LS500 arrived February 16th and has been a hot ticket! The majority of our early inventory arrivals were PRE-SOLD. If you would like to drop in and take a look at it, just let me know!

Check out this Lexus Enthusiast LS500 Review

The much anticipated 2018 Lexus RX350-L arrived to us on January 31st and has brought in new customers desiring the additional space. Our inventory has beefed up over the last month so we know have numerous color options. Captains chair options have popped up on our allocation report and will be arriving closer to May along with the Hybrid version.

Check out this Lexus Enthusiast RX-L Review

The Lexus UX subcompact crossover has been revealed. Slated to arrive at the dealership around October. More info to come, stay tuned!

Check out this Lexus Enthusiast UX Press Release

I have placed the March incentives from Lexus below! If you need assistance or have any questions just let me know, and I will be happy to assist!

1. Sedan’s

a. 2018 ES350/300h – $3,250 Lease Cash / $1,000 Loyalty & Conquest Cash

b. 2018 IS300/350 – $2,000 Lease Cash / $1,000 Loyalty & Conquest Cash

c. 2018 GS350 – $3,750 Lease Cash

d. 2018 LS460 – N/A
2. SUV’s

a. 2018 NX300/300h – $1,000 Loyalty Cash / $1,000 Conquest Cash

b. 2017 RX350/450h – $3,500 Lease Cash / $3,000 Finance Cash

c. 2018 RX350/450H – $1,000 Loyalty Cash / $1,000 Conquest Cash

d. 2018 RX350L/450HL – $1,000 Loyalty Cash / $1,000 Conquest Cash

d. 2018 GX460 – $2,500 Finance Cash / $1,000 Loyalty & Conquest Cash

e. 2018 LX570 – $3,000 Finance Cash
3. Coupe’s

a. 2018 RC300/350 – $3,500 Lease Cash

c. 2018 LC500/500h – $4,000 Lease Cash





2018 Lexus LS500 – Talking Points

The 2018 Lexus LS500 has arrived. This vehicle is absolutely AMAZING! I have placed some fun facts & information below! ENJOY!


The LS uses the Global Architecture – Luxury (GA-L) platform for front-engine, rear-wheel-drive like LC.  In addition to providing enhanced packaging with a low center of gravity, it makes for more dynamic driving.

Compared to the current model, the overall height of the new LS is 0.6 inches lower, the hood is 1.2 inches lower and the trunk is 1.6 inches lower.  The overall length is 1.1 inches longer than the LS 460L and the wheelbase is 1.3 inches greater.  This low center of gravity gives the new LS a stretched, ground-hugging appearance.

Panoramic glass roof and outer slide type moon roof (which preserves headroom inside the cabin). Standard 19-inch wheel with 3 additional designs available – one 19-inch and two 20-inch wheels.

Hands-free Power Trunk features a kick-sensor to open and close the trunk

Built-in nozzles are incorporated into each wiper to spray fluid in both directions close to the blades.


3.5L V6 Twin Turbo with 416 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque provides V8 engine performance with less weight and better fuel economy.

All-new 10-speed direct-shift transmission with close gear ratios for rhythmic acceleration . 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds (RWD).

Drive mode selector to activate Sport S and Sport S+ driving dynamics. Available in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.



Available Origami style door trim where a single piece of cloth is folded over onto itself many times.

Available Kiriko glass door trim (where a unique cutting technique gives rise to beautiful light effects).

Available 28 way adjustable front seats including new shoulder support and side bolster adjustments. Front refresh seats that performs shiatsu on the occupants with two full body and three specific area programs.

Steering wheel heater warms the entire circumference.

Next-generation remote touchpad for ease of input and control of the 12.3-inch multimedia display. The available color 24-inch heads-up display is the largest in the world and displays a variety of information onto the driver’s forward view.

Available Mark Levinson 3D Surround Sound with 23 speakers (some in the front and rear headliner) and 2400W.

The Lexus Climate Concierge sets the front and rear seat air conditioning/heating, seat heaters/seat ventilation and steering wheel heater to automatically select the appropriate temperature for climate conditions.

8-inch TFT LCD combination meter with metallic ring graphic and animations on start up. The appearance of the meter is customizable and changes based on which drive mode is selected.



Touch control panel in rear center console to operate rear seat features (Luxury & Executive packages). Automatic rear seat reclining features lowers the seat and headrests to provide the driver a better backup view from the inside rear view mirror

rear seating


10 airbags standard; 12 airbags optional (rear outboard seat airbags added with the Luxury package and Executive package).

Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

Rear Camera Detection – alarm and automatic braking when backing up if a pedestrian is detected at the rear of the vehicle (when equipped with Panoramic View Monitor).

Front Cross Traffic Alert (similar concept to rear cross traffic alert but in the front of the LS).

Standard Lexus Safety System+ features: 1. Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection  2. All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control 3. Lane Keep Assist/Lane Departure Alert with steering assist 4. Intelligent High Beam Headlamps.
Lexus Safety System+ A –  features the world’s first Intuitive Pedestrian Detection with Active Steering within the lane. With this system, if a pedestrian is detected in the lane ahead and a collision is imminent, the LS can automatically brake and potentially steer to avoid the person while staying in the lane. The color HUD is used to alert the driver.



Equipped with the new Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid System, which provides enhanced responsiveness and linear acceleration, particularly when accelerating from a full stop.  The system adds a four-speed shifting device to the Lexus Hybrid Drive combination of a 3.5-liter V6 Dual VVT-i gas engine and two electric motors that delivers a maximum system output of 354 hp.

In a conventional full hybrid vehicle, engine output is boosted by the electric motor via a reduction gear, but with the new Multi Stage Hybrid System the power from the V6 engine and the hybrid battery can be amplified by the four-stage shifting device, allowing much greater drive power to be generated when accelerating from stationary and achieving 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds (RWD); 5.2 seconds (AWD).

Like the LC 500h, the LS 500h is fitted with a compact, lightweight LITHIUM-ION hybrid battery.  It’s 20 percent smaller than the nickel-metal hydride unit used in the Lexus LS 600h L, yet has a higher power density.  Lithium-ion technology has also reduced the component’s weight, helping reduce the car’s overall mass – supporting overall fuel economy, emissions performance and handling balance.

hybrid engine

F SPORT (LS 500 only)

F SPORT grille took computer-aided design (CAD) operators five months to achieve the desired texture and interaction with light.  7,000 individual surfaces were adjusted to achieve the desired look and texture – compared to 5,000 for the standard model’s grille.  With the sporty enlarged side grille, it is functional as well, helping to maintain the vehicle’s cooling performance.

Special F SPORT rocker panel and trunk moldings accentuate the sedan’s rakish profile, while F SPORT badging on fenders and exclusive 20-inch alloy wheels complete the exterior transformation.

Ultra White is offered as an F SPORT-exclusive exterior color.  F SPORT exclusive front seat, which provides enhanced support for dynamic driving. A perforated-grill pattern on seating surfaces and unique scored aluminum trim elements add additional sporty flair.

There’s also the F SPORT steering wheel as well as the aluminum accelerator, brake and footrest pedals, the F SPORT perforated shift handle and footrest. Ultra suede in the seats and headliner is the crowning touch.  For the ultimate sporty look, a new Circuit Red interior is available exclusively on F SPORT.  Features sliding F SPORT meter.

Standard 20-inch wheels and 245/45RF20 (Fr); 275/40RF20  (Rr) tires, (summer tires for RWD) along with larger front and rear brakes (6-piston calipers on front and 4 piston on rear)

Available F SPORT Performance package (RWD only) equips the LS 500 F SPORT with Lexus Dynamic Handling (Variable Gear Ratio Steering and Active Rear Steering), Active Stabilizer, and sport-tuned air suspension.

Features the latest generation of the brand’s advanced chassis control technology, Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM), further refined since its debut more than a decade ago.  VDIM implements cooperative control of all vehicle subsystems – braking, steering, powertrain, and suspension – to control basic longitudinal, lateral and vertical motion as well as yaw, roll and pitch.  Optimal control of these motions helps to enable exceptional ride comfort, enhanced traction and safety and handling agility, and allows for enriched flat vehicle posture during cornering as well as a more comfortable and stable ride overall.


Lexus Safety System+

Lexus Safety System + integrates several advanced technologies to create a standard suite of safety features that ultimately will be offered on the entire Lexus vehicle lineup. These features include Pre-Collision System with pedestrian detection function, Lane Departure Alert, Intelligent High Beam and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.


Pre-Collision System (PCS)

This system uses a grill-mounted radar and a camera to help detect pedestrians and vehicles under certain conditions. When detected, this system activates an audio and visual alert in addition to brake assist if the driver applies the brakes, followed by automatic braking, if the driver does not brake in time.


Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

This system is designed to use a camera to detect white and yellow lane markings. If the vehicle starts to deviate from a lane, LDA W/STEERING ASSIST alerts the driver with an audio-visual alert and steering wheel vibration. Some vehicles are also equipped with Lane Keep Assist, which helps control steering to make it easier for the driver to remain within lane markings.


Intelligent High Beam

This system uses a camera to detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles and the taillights of vehicles ahead, and then automatically switches between high beams and low beams so as not to distract other drivers.


Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

This system uses a grill-mounted radar designed to detect the preceding vehicle and determine its speed. It then adjusts vehicle speed (within a set range) to help maintain a preset distance between vehicles. The driver can adjust the following distance via a convenient steering wheel-mounted control.

Feb 2018 News & Incentives

February is here! This month is going to be extraordinary for Lexus. We have two vehicles that will be arriving at dealers. The 2018 LS500 and 2018 RX-L.

The 2018 Lexus LS500 will be arriving around February 10th. The majority of our early inventory arrivals are PRE-SOLD. If you were not able to check this stunning vehicle out at the Indy Auto Show, I highly recommend stopping by to view it!


Check out this Lexus Enthusiast LS500 Review

The much anticipated 2018 Lexus RX350-L arrived to us on January 31st and will be bringing in new customers to Lexus. We have already seen an increase in traffic during January from folks driving the Infiniti QX60, Acura MDX, and GMC Acadia. The majority of our early inventory arrivals are PRE-SOLD.

rxl split

Check out this Lexus Enthusiast RX-L Review

I have placed the February incentives from Lexus below! If you need assistance or have any questions just let me know, and I will be happy to assist!
1. Sedan’s

a. 2018 ES350/300h – $2,000 Lease Cash / $750 Loyalty & Conquest Cash

b. 2018 IS300/350 – $1,150 Lease Cash / $750 Loyalty & Conquest Cash

c. 2018 GS350 – $3,000 Lease Cash

d. 2018 LS460 – N/A

2. SUV’s

a. 2018 NX300/300h – $1,750 Loyalty Cash / $750 Conquest Cash

b. 2017 RX350/450h – $3,500 Lease Cash / $2,500 Finance Cash

c. 2018 RX350/450H – $750 Loyalty Cash / $750 Conquest Cash

d. 2018 RX350L/450HL – $750 Loyalty Cash / $750 Conquest Cash

d. 2018 GX460 – $2,000 Finance Cash / $750 Loyalty & Conquest Cash

e. 2018 LX570 – N/A

3. Coupe’s

a. 2018 RC300/350 – $2,500 Lease Cash

c. 2018 LC500/500h – $4,000 Lease Cash

Tire & Wheel Protection

No matter how carefully you drive, inevitably you will encounter glass, nails, debris, pesky potholes and other road hazards that can leave you with a tire or wheel in need of repair, or possibly replacement. Indianapolis after all is pothole city!! WISH TV even did a news piece on the “blitz against our city’s potholes

Tire & Wheel Protection, will help keep your tires, wheels, and most importantly your budget intact with protection that’s available for your choice of three (3) or five (5) years.

Some benefits include:

Tire Replacement: Replace your tire if it becomes damaged by eligible road hazards such as nails, broken glass, tree limbs or a pothole.

Wheel Replacement: If your wheel fails to hold a seal with your new tire, we’ll replace it.

Unlimited Claims: With no limit to the number of covered claims, coverage for replaced tires continues during the term of the agreement as long as they meet your vehicle manufacturer’s size specification.

Towing: For eligible claims you will receive $100 per claim for the towing costs to the nearest authorized dealer or the costs to change the damaged tire with your spare tire.

Transferability: You can transfer, one time to another owner in a private sale.

Pricing: I cannot speak for all dealerships, but at mine we provide a three (3) year protection for $674 and a five (5) year protection for $794. These protection periods are available to be rolled into your lease or finance deal. For example; a 60 month loan with the same 60 months of coverage will only cost you $13.23 per month. A drastic difference than paying an unexpected cost of $225 to replace a tire and $800 to replace a rim.

I was inspired to write this today after seeing the pothole story on the morning news and then seeing the Lexus NX as I walked into the dealership this morning.

nx flat


Gap Insurance – Worth it?

Guaranteed Asset Protection or as most car buyers know it – Gap insurance, can provide valuable financial protection during several years of your auto loan. If you put little or NOTHING down on your brand new $60,000 vehicle it could take around 4 years for you to be in a positive equity situation.

If a loss occurs, gap car insurance will pay the difference between the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle and the current outstanding balance on your loan or lease.

If your vehicle has been totaled by a covered incident, such as an accident, theft, fire, flood, tornado, vandalism, or hurricane, your insurance company will pay you the actual cash value for your car, if you have comprehensive and collision insurance. This amount is often considerably less than the actual amount you still owe on your loan or the amount due for a lease buyout/payoff.

When the amount of your ACV payout is less than what you owe on your lease or loan, the loss from this financial shortfall is the “gap” you can be left with. Would anyone enjoy paying a monthly car note for a vehicle they can’t drive anymore? Well, as Kevin McCallister would say ” I don’t think so”.

This is how a “gap” occurs:

  • You choose a shiny new Lexus that costs $60,000 and you drive it off the lot. (YAY ME – if you bought from yours truly)
  • The stock market is doing fabulous right now and you decide to put nothing down and now owe $60,000 in car payments over six years (0% interest loan = $833.33 per month on your new Lexus). You won’t get 0% but let’s stick with it for the fun of it…. we can all dream, right?
  • You purchase physical damage insurance (comprehensive and collision) with a $500 deductible to protect you against damages and loss.
  • You have an accident after 6 months of owning your precious new ride and you are for sure still upside down on your loan (meaning you owe more on a car than it’s worth) and your vehicle is totaled out.
  • The insurance company determines that the actual cash value of the car is only $46,000, but at the time of the loss you still owe $55,000.02 (remember those $833.33 payments)
  • Gap insurance should pay the difference plus your deductible, totaling $9,000.02. (Note: not all gap policies pay the deductible).

Many car owners don’t take into account the depreciation that takes place with a new car. Within minutes of driving off the lot, a new car can be worth 10 percent less than what you just paid. In my example above, if you owned the car for three days, had physical damage coverage and the car was totaled, you could owe 10 to 20 percent of the $60,000 ($6,000 to $12,000 out of your pocket) even though you purchased “full coverage.”

Car owners often assume that if their car is totaled, it will be replaced at the amount they paid, or at least the amount they owe. This is not so. That is why many car insurance companies offer gap insurance as an optional coverage that is available with physical damage coverage. Typically, a stand-alone gap policy is sold by a car dealership.

How much does gap insurance cost?

I cannot speak for all car dealerships, but ours is $499. It is a one time fee rolled into your payments ($6.93 per month on a 72 month loan).

Prior to my grand entrance into the automotive industry I paid $880 for my Gap insurance for a vehicle I purchased in Virginia…… thanks to the Dodge dealership for up charging me! LOL

Can I get gap insurance without primary insurance?

Even if you get gap insurance, you still need your state’s minimum auto insurance coverage (the insurance coverage the police check for if you are stopped and asked for your insurance card), because gap insurance isn’t catch-all coverage.

While most states require you to have certain car insurance coverages, typically at least bodily injury liability and property damage liability, for your gap insurance to be in effect you need to carry physical damage coverages of collision and comprehensive on your vehicle as well. This “full coverage” of liability and physical damage coverages is also normally required by your lien holder.

Can I purchase gap insurance on a used vehicle?

Yes, most of the time you can! State laws and insurance companies’ guidelines vary, but there are gap policies that are available for used cars that are financed. Gap insurance is beneficial when the value of a vehicle, whether new or used, depreciates while you still owe money on the loan or lease.

Can I buy gap insurance for a car that I bought if a private person is holding the loan?

Gap insurance providers won’t offer coverage if your loan is through a private individual instead being a structured loan from a proven financial institution, such as Chase, Huntington, Bank of America…. you get the picture.

When dealing with a bank or finance company, the gap insurance carrier knows the terms, sees the paperwork, etc. With a private party loan it is hard for the gap carrier to be assured that the loan is only for the vehicle, payments were made properly, etc. – all things that an insurer requires.

Is gap insurance an acceptable proof of insurance at the DMV or for police?

Gap insurance isn’t accepted by any Department of Motor Vehicles as proof of insurance. It’s not the right type of insurance needed to show financial responsibility when you are going to register, or renew registration, on your vehicle.

Showing proof of gap insurance to a police officer wouldn’t help if they ask you for proof of insurance. You would probably get laughed at…. Gap insurance is optional coverage that only helps you out in a total loss situation, it doesn’t provide the state-mandated liability coverage that police want to verify that you have on your vehicle.

If I bought my car outright, do I need gap insurance?

If you bought a car with cash and thus don’t have a lien holder due to there being no loan or lease on the vehicle, then there would be no reason for you to obtain gap insurance.

Am I due a refund on part of my gap insurance if I pay the car off early or trade it in?

If you financed your vehicle and the gap insurance is part of your vehicle’s financed monthly payment, then it is doubtful that you would receive any refund for your gap insurance. That is because when the coverage gets paid for monthly — as part of your financed monthly payment — then the coverage is used that same month.

If you paid for your gap insurance policy in full, then you will need to contact the company that sold you the policy to see if there is any unused premium that should be refunded back to you when you trade-in your vehicle.

Is gap insurance transferable from one vehicle to another?

Gap insurance cannot be transferred to a different vehicle or loan. If you are trading in, selling, or buying a new vehicle, you will need to get a new policy to cover the newly financed vehicle.

If I paid a high down payment, do I need gap insurance?

If you put down a decent down payment, your vehicle depreciates at a steady pace, and you are paying down the balance of the loan each month, then typically you wouldn’t need gap insurance coverage. Most of the time if you put 20 percent down, you will be okay.

Gap insurance is only needed if you have negative equity in your car (owe more than the value of the vehicle) since this coverage only pays for the balance of the loan left after the ACV is paid out when your car has been found to be a total loss by an insurer. If you owe less than the value of your vehicle, then save your money; you don’t need to buy gap coverage.

Is gap insurance required by law?

While gap insurance is good to have if you owe more on a vehicle than its value, it isn’t required by any state law for you to have as part of your car insurance policy.

Gap insurance is optional coverage; however, it’s not uncommon for lease contracts to have gap insurance included in them. Sometimes it’s referred to as auto loan/lease coverage or loan/lease payoff coverage. All Lexus leases have Gap insurance included.

If a lender of leased cars requires gap insurance to be purchased, then they must include the gap insurance within the cost of the lease itself. This means that the monthly price quoted by the dealer must include gap insurance when they mandate you carry this coverage.

There are some financial institutions that may want you to have gap insurance as part of your auto insurance policy on the car you are purchasing. If this is the case, your loan or lease papers should note this.

If you have declined gap insurance, a dealer shouldn’t be able to add it on to your loan amount or charge you for it in another way. Even though gap insurance may be helpful to you, if you owe more on the vehicle then its ACV and were to be in an accident, you should have the right to turn down this coverage and thus not be charged for it.

In general, car dealers anywhere should provide car buyers with an itemized price list for all these items, such as warranties and insurance, etc., if the items are being financed.

What isn’t typically covered by gap insurance?

Gap insurance will not pay for:

  • Overdue lease/loan payments
  • Costs for extended warranties, credit life insurance, or other insurance purchased with the loan or lease
  • Carry-over balances from previous loans or leases
  • Financial penalties imposed under a lease for excessive use
  • Security deposits not refunded by the lessor
  • Amounts deducted by the primary insurer for wear and tear, prior damage, towing, and storage
  • Equipment added to the car by the buyer, meaning that only factory-installed equipment is covered
  • Mechanical issues, such as engine or transmission failures, or any other car problems that are not losses covered by your car insurance policy.



Jan 2018 News & Incentives

Our “December to Remember” sales event is over and we are on to 2018. Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!

I have placed the January incentives from Lexus below! Our remaining 2017 models still have incredible Finance & Lease rebates! We have SOLD OUT of all 2017 models except for the LS, RC, & RX.

The 2018 Lexus LS is being PRE-SOLD and is expected to arrive in February.

Check out this Lexus Enthusiast Review

The 2018 Lexus RX350 will come with a THIRD ROW Long wheel base option with both; bench & captains chair configurations. This is going to be huge for us! Currently being PRE-SOLD. Expected to arrive in February. Check it out HERE.


If you need assistance or have any questions just let me know, and I will be happy to assist!

1. Sedan’s

a. 2018 ES350/300h – $2,000 Lease Cash / $750 Loyalty & Conquest Cash

b. 2018 IS300/350 – $1,150 Lease Cash / $750 Loyalty & Conquest Cash

c. 2018 GS350 – $3,000 Lease Cash

d. 2017 LS460 – $8,000 Finance Cash or 0% Special APR w/ $1,000 Cash

2. SUV’s

a. 2018 NX300/300h – $1,750 Loyalty Cash / $750 Conquest Cash

b. 2017 RX350/450h – $3,500 Lease Cash / $2,500 Finance Cash

c. 2018 RX350/450h – $750 Loyalty Cash / $750 Conquest Cash

d.2018 GX460 – $1,000 Lease Cash

e. 2018 LX570 – N/A

3. Coupe’s

a. 2017 RC300/350 – $6,000 Finance Cash or 0% Special APR w/ $1,000 Cash

b. 2018 RC300/350 – $2,500 Lease Cash

c. 2018 LC500/500h – $4,000 Lease Cash